Welcome to Brigid's Pub!

Rest in peace Jim Miller and Gary Burger - music giants!

Hey everyone, it's summer because Gene is back.

  (I'm just going to leave this up for awhile)

Thursday, June 23rd, Gary Broste and Donny Williams host open mic at 8.  


Friday, June 24th, we're celebrating 4 years under Kristi Miller's ownership with cake and music. Homeys, Phil and Gary Broste, Eric Carlson, Donny Williams and Kristi Miller appear on the stage at 7:30.

Saturday, June 25th, it's the cool jazz sound of Bemidji Jazz Quartet at 7.       






Brigid's Pub, where the vibe is good and if the music isn't great there won't be any!

Brigid's Cross Irish Pub