There are a lot of reasons why a lot of homeowners still prefer carpeting than any other flooring option, like wood flooring. Carpets are still great floor covers, and their quality will depend on the level of care and maintenance that you put to it.  

For a lot of homeowners, carpeting is a great option because it makes their home with a comfortable and safe place to live in, especially when it comes to relaxing and walking around. However, there are many things required of them to ensure that their carpet will lasts longer than expected. 

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean  

There are many ways to keep the carpet clean. The easiest way to do it is to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job. The other option is to vacuum the carpet regularly and remove all its stains immediately. Of course, doing all three gives your carpet the best cleaning experience.  

Cleaning the carpet must be done at least once each year to delay its aging. Professional cleaning services will make the carpet look like new and make it look and feel better again. 

Vacuuming once a week is sufficient for the areas with low traffic around the house. High traffic areas, on the other hand, must be vacuumed frequently. Such areas are bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and others. A lot of people don’t know the harm that comes from stepping on your carpet wearing outdoor shoes. 

Another good way to avoid unnecessary removal of your carpets is to minimize spills. If anything stains your carpet, remove it immediately. Don’t let it sink into the carpet or it will leave behind a permanent stain. The longer the spill sits, the more difficult it becomes to get it out. 

How to Prevent Carpet Stains  

The stains in the carpets may come from different sources. Protect your carpeting by removing stains effectively. To do that,  you must know how to clean all types of carpet stains. The usual types of carpet stains are the ones from coffee, chocolate, juice, and nail polish. There are stains that are much harder to remove than others. These type of stains require professional cleaning. Hire expert carpet cleaners to help you out. You should be able to find the best ones in your area.  

To keep yourself from worrying about stains, have your carpet protected by the professional cleaners. They can apply a special protective coating on your carpet after cleaning them so the stains won’t stick to the fibers too much. That way, they will be easier to remove even with the common cleaning compounds used at home.  

Prevention is also better than cure. Don’t give children food and drinks while playing on the carpet. Many foods contain strong dyeing materials that can quickly stain your carpet. The same applies to certain drinks, such as grape juices. 

Children’s activities, such as finger painting, must be carried out on surfaces that are easier to clean, like the flooring in the basement or garage. Choose surfaces don’t need the same amount of washing as carpets. For more information, visit